When it is called for, I make special accommodations for clients.

Some situations call for special attention and discreetness. There are positions in society (pastors, executives, government officials) where life is akin to living in a glass house. You don’t necessarily have anything to hide, but you also don’t need your personal life dragged into the rumor mill. That doesn’t help anybody or anything. In fact, it makes things worse.

If you need some outside counsel concerning a private matter and you are in a high profile situation that requires a special level of discreteness, let me know. You can call me directly, evenings and weekends, at 417-459-4967. You can also contact me with your first name and mobile number using the contact form and I will get back with you at my first opportunity.



If you and I decide your situation requires special attention, I will personally handle every aspect of scheduling your appointments and providing counsel to your situation. We will limit in every way we can the number of people that have any knowledge of the services you receive.

Meeting location options include:

My office. – Least private, but most cost effective. We are in a low-foot traffic area, but there are other clients coming and going.

My writers cabin. – My private writer’s cabin is about 15 minutes north of Springfield and is surrounded by 10 acres of woods. It’s comfortable and secluded; the only disadvantage is it’s about a 15 minute drive from a restroom. My cabin is about 30 minutes from the Springfield, MO airport (SGF).

Your location. – If you prefer we can meet in your home or a location of your choosing. I have met at houses, churches, offices, and hotel rooms. Obviously, the privacy of these settings is up to you.

* Over the Phone – Counseling / coaching is most effective face-to-face. In some cases that’s not possible or will take some time to arrange. In these situations we may engage in phone appointments as a stopgap until a face-to-face session can be arranged.

Contact me for details on scheduling and pricing.

I look forward to serving you,





Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC
Director of The Relationship Center
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