Dr. Jared Pingleton now Clinical Director for Focus on the Family

Dr. Jared PingletonDr. Jared Pingleton founded Tri-Lakes Relational Center, now The Relationship Center,  in 2007. Dr. “P”, as affectionately known by his colleagues, served TRC as Clinical Director until February 2013 when he accepted Directorship of Focus on the Families counseling center in Colorado Springs, CO.

We wish Dr. P well in this exciting new adventure!

Dr. Jared Pingleton

* Robert Marshall is seeing Dr. Pingleton’s clients in the Branson office of The Relationship Center.

– Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC | Director of The Relationship Center


About Josh Spurlock

Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC is Director of The Relationship Center.

The Relationship Center provides Biblically Christian and Clinically Proven Professional Counseling services. TRC is a multi-specialty professional counseling practice with 8 therapists in Springfield and Branson, Missouri offices. Josh specializes in Marriage Counseling, Sex Therapy, and Eating Disorder Treatment.