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Affairs, and Growing Apart.

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marriage therapyA blissful fun marriage full of excitement and happiness is what every starry eyed young lover couple fantasizes about.

Why is it that so many never find happily ever after?

On the day we wed, my wife and I were madly in love. We weren’t under any illusions that life would always be a walk in the park, but we also never imagined it would be as hard as it is.

Months into our marriage those differences that once intrigued us with each other were now driving us crazy. We were committed to each other, but we couldn’t help but wonder if we had made a terrible mistake.

Now years later I can honestly say I enjoy my marriage more everyday. My wife and I have a blast with our 7 kids (10 mo-21 years), life is good.

As a marriage counselor I have spent thousands of hours helping couples in crisis sort through the problems that are keeping them from being happy. I’ve learned that not every situation requires marriage counseling. Some couples just need some good information to point them in the right direction. Others need the support of an objective 3rd party with extensive experience helping couples. You probably know which category you fall into.

All couples can benefit from solid relationship education grounded in Biblical Truth and clinically sound research. At, a resource of The Relationship Center,  you’ll find a collection of marriage improvement articles addressing common questions and struggles couples have.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for use the search box. Chances are one of the counselors at The Relationship Center has written on the topic your researching.

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Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC
Director of The Relationship Center