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child therapyRaising kids is hard. It’s overwhelming at times for even the most prepared parents. Many of us, however, weren’t prepared very well at all. Our parents gave us a better picture of what not to do then what to do. And, those kids, they don’t come with instruction manuals. They send you home from the hospital with some butt cream and a hardy good luck!

No parents are perfect, but Cassie’s and my parents were pretty good. Still, we found parenting to be a huge challenge. To date we have 7 kids (that’s not a typo) ranging from 18 months to 21 years old with 1 on the way. We could not have lived this long, and not be completely crazy, without lots of outside counsel.

Whether it’s from a professional counselor or other sources of wise counsel (like books, articles, pastors, mentors) no one raises healthy kids and keeps their sanity without help.

That’s why my team and I here at The Relationship Center have written and compiled resources to empower your parenting. Here on this page, and on our resource site, you’ll find lots of helpful articles.

Family Help Articles

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If you think you or your kiddo could benefit from some personalized help, tailored to your situation, call us. Our counselors spend about 1,000 hours a year helping families just like yours. We will be happy to get to know your situation and offer you some practical direction.

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Hang in there. You are going to get through this and your kiddo(s) are not going to be screwed up.



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