Counseling Payment Plans & Scholarships

Making the Help You Need Financially Possible


christian counselingIf you’re in a desperate financial situation but earnestly want help, we will work with you to make it happen. It’s important to us that no one be unable to get help because of their financial circumstances.

Counseling Scholarships

Scholarships are Needs-Based and Sliding-Scale meaning they vary based upon your income. (application required)

Counseling Payment Plans

Interest free payment plans allow you to get the help you need now and pay for it over time. (no application necessary, just let your counselor know)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Free Counseling?

Free counseling is called talking with your mother, friend, or the person on the bar stool next to you. In the professional world, there is no such thing as “free counseling”. There’s self-help reading and support groups you can attend, but to deliver the value of a formally trained,  professionally licensed, and experienced counselor spending the precious resource of time with you it will cost someone. If the counselor were to give you his or her time it would cost his or her family. If a church offers “free” counseling, it cost the parishioners of that church. If a community health center offers “free” counseling it cost the tax payers or other contributors. Someone pays for the time, there is no such thing as “free” professional counseling.

A recent review of the cost per direct client hour at a local church based counseling center revealed that the “free” counseling they offered cost the parishioners of that church $121 a direct client hour. (figured by dividing the total cost of the counseling department by the client hours served). The difference between that center and ours, besides none of their counselors being licensed clinicians, is a matter of who is paying for the counseling not how much it cost.

Why does counseling cost what it does?

All the expenses necessary to make available counseling services have to be recouped through fees collected from those services.

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Furnishings and Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Advertising / Promotion
  • Continuing Education
  • Taxes and Insurance
  • Counselors Paychecks

Unlike in manufacturing, where you can sell a product in high volume to keep the per unit cost down, a counselors time is a very finite resource. There’s an absolute limit to what’s available. Making things even more complex is the reality that there are many necessary activities in a counseling practice that do not generate any revenue at all: creating notes, reports, answering phone calls, preparing for sessions. A full-time counselor is really only able to see at most 25-30 hours of clients a week. The formula for counseling fees looks like: Cost of Operating the Practice / Number of Counselor Hours Available= cost per direct client hour (session fee)

How does the cost of counseling compare with other professional services in southwest Missouri?

In southwest Missouri you can expect to pay the following per hour:’

Primary Care Physician   $600-$1500+ 
Attorney’s   $250-$350
CPA’s               $102-$229
Professional Counselor     
IT / Computer Repair   $99-$149
HVAC (heat & a/c)   $79-159
Plumbers        $90-$210
Auto Mechanic Shop   $70-$110
Electrician   $67-$100



Professional counseling fees are on par with other professional service fees in the area, many of which do not offer any payment plan or scholarship options.

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