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The Relationship Center is now MyCounselor | Springfield, MO

Making the decision to get help is tough. Our goal is to make getting help as easy as possible.

On this page you’ll find details about counseling appointments at MyCounselor.Online 

What to expect when you call to schedule.


Counseling Session Fees

Standard Fees range from $50 to $155.*

* Pricing varies based on the training and experience of the counselor you work with. In general, highly trained and experienced counselors have higher fees than less experienced / specialized counselors.

  • Level 5 – $155 – Licensed professionals with advanced certifications and at least 10,000 hours of counseling experience.
  • Level 4 – $125 – Licensed professionals with advanced certifications.
  • Level 3 – $95 – Licensed professionals.
  • Level 2 – $75 – Provisionally Licensed professionals.
  • Level 1 – $50 – Unlicensed counselors in training, students, and coaches.

In addition to the standard session fee, all 1st session appointments will be charged a one-time $30 assessment and setup fee as a non-refundable deposit on your first appointment at the time you schedule. 

You are responsible for paying fully for your services at the time of your appointment.

Scholarships & Payment Plans

If you’re in a desperate financial situation but earnestly want help, we will work with you to make it happen. It’s important to us that no one be unable to get help because of their financial circumstances.

Counseling Scholarships

Scholarships are Needs-Based and Sliding-Scale meaning they vary based upon your income. (application required)

Sliding Scale Counseling Scholarship Application

Counseling Payment Plans

Interest free payment plans allow you to get the help you need now and pay for it over time. (no application required, just let your counselor know)

Counseling Weekly Payment Plan Agreement

Is there Free Counseling?

In the professional world, there is no such thing as “free counseling”. There’s self-help reading and support groups you can attend, but to deliver the value of a formally trained,  professionally licensed, and experienced counselor spending the precious resource of time with you it will cost someone. If the counselor were to give you his or her time it would cost his or her family. If a church offers “free” counseling, it cost the parishioners of that church. If a community health center offers “free” counseling it cost the tax payers or other contributors. Someone pays for the time, there is no such thing as “free” professional counseling.

A recent review of the cost per direct client hour at a local church based counseling center revealed that the “free” counseling they offered cost the parishioners of that church $121 a direct client hour. (figured by dividing the total cost of the counseling department by the client hours served). The difference between that center and ours, besides none of their counselors being licensed clinicians, is a matter of who is paying for the counseling not how much it cost.

Why does counseling cost what it does?

All the expenses necessary to make available counseling services have to be recouped through fees collected from those services.

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Furnishings and Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Advertising / Promotion
  • Continuing Education
  • Taxes and Insurance
  • Counselors Paychecks

Unlike in manufacturing, where you can sell a product in high volume to keep the per unit cost down, a counselors time is a very finite resource. There’s an absolute limit to what’s available. Making things even more complex is the reality that there are many necessary activities in a counseling practice that do not generate any revenue at all: creating notes, reports, answering phone calls, preparing for sessions. A full-time counselor is really only able to see at most 25-30 hours of clients a week. The formula for counseling fees looks like: Cost of Operating the Practice / Number of Counselor Hours Available= cost per direct client hour (session fee)

How does the cost of counseling compare with other professional services in southwest Missouri?

In southwest Missouri you can expect to pay the following per hour:’

Primary Care Physician $600-$1500+
Attorney’s $250-$350
CPA’s $102-$229
Professional Counselor
IT / Computer Repair $99-$149
HVAC (heat & a/c) $79-159
Plumbers $90-$210
Auto Mechanic Shop $70-$110
Electrician $67-$100

Professional counseling fees are on par with other professional service fees in the area, many of which do not offer any payment plan or scholarship options.


Can you file with my insurance?

Yes. We can submit a claim for reimbursement of service fees to your insurance on your behalf for a fee* or you may submit claims to your insurance company directly.

We cannot accept consignment for insurance benefits and have no control over how much your policy will cover or how covered claims will be applied based on your deductible.

You are responsible for paying fully for your services at the time of your appointment.

*In an effort to hold down costs associated with providing the most effective and helpful professional clinical services possible, MCO out sources our medical billing request to an independent medical biller. The $5 fee for this service is passed along to those requesting this service.

Are you in-network for my insurance?

MyCounselor.Online is a Christian counseling center focused on providing the highest quality care possible. As such we are unwilling to enter into any arrangement that might pressure us to compromise quality to increase insurance company profits. Thus, at present, we are not a part of any private insurance in-network panels.

That being said, outpatient psychotherapy is a covered benefit under many insurance plans and we do have a number of clients who receive out-of-network benefits for our services.

Some networks, recognizing our excellence in certain specialized areas, have agreed to reimburse our clients at in-network levels even though we are not on their in-network panels. This is solely at the discretion of your insurance provider.

Do you accept CTS Funds or Medicaid and Medicare insurances?

MyCounselor does not have providers able to accept CTS Funds, Medicaid, or Medicare at this time.


Therapy Appointment Availability

When can I see a counselor? / Do you have appointments that will work with my schedule?

Answer : The short answer, Monday-Friday 9am-9pm. The more accurate answer is, it depends on which counselor you are going to work with. Each counselor’s schedule is different and availability in their schedule depends on how busy they are and if they have any cancellations.

Which counselor will I work with?

Answer : Which TRC counselor you work with will be determined by a) What issues you are facing, b) Where you live, c) How your schedule fits with counselor’s availability, d) Your preferences.

How soon can I get in?

Answer : Sometimes as early as the day you call (if there are cancellations). We try hard to get you in the same week or next week after you request an appointment.


Standard Sessions are 45 minutes in duration and begin at the top (12:00) or bottom (12:30) of the hour.

Our Counseling Appointment Cancellation Policy

If you fail to give notice of cancellation by 5pm the business day before your scheduled appointment, your credit or debit card will be charged for the time you reserved.

A counselors time is very perishable. Unlike an item you return at the store that can be resold, once time has passed it is forever gone. Like a  hotel room, once the time for cancellation of your appointment reservation has passed the time is yours, whether or not you are able to use it. When we hold an appointment slot for you we turn other people, who like you are looking for help, away. It’s not fair to the people we must turn away or to the counselor if you do not pay for the time held for you, even if the circumstances are beyond your control (they are also beyond the control of your counselor and those denied an appointment).

Canceling or rescheduling your appointment as soon as you become aware you will not be able to make it, 5 pm the business day before at the latest, allows us to offer your appointment time to those waiting for an appointment and those in crisis.

In the event of inclement weather or other circumstances that prevent you from making it to our office, you may be able to use your session time over the phone.

We apply the cancellation policy without favoritism and with uniformity to all clients to whom it applies.


MyCounselor | Online provides services nation wide via online video sessions.

We also have physical offices in Springfield, Kansas City, and coming in July Columbia, Missouri.

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Get Started

When you follow the “Click Here to Request an Appointment” link you will be taken to our Contact Page. There you can either a) use our web-form to request an appointment or b) find details on scheduling an appointment by phone.

After you submit a Request for an Appointment…

The receptionist will call you, generally between 1-5 pm, and gather information about you and the help you are looking for. We will use this information to determine who is the best counselor for you to see. It will help if you have the following information ready.

1)   Be ready to describe, in a  sentence or two, the kind of help your looking for / why you would like to meet with a counselor. (i.e. My husband and I are having marital difficulties and would like some help.)
2)   You’ll also need to have ready some basic information yourself and those who will see the counselor:

  • The names and ages of all persons who will be seen by the counselor.
  • A phone number you can be reached at.
  • The name of the referral source where you first found our information (i.e. phonebook, sign, friend, internet web site, web search, radio)
  • Times of day and days of the week you would be available for an appointment (i.e. early afternoons on Mondays and Thursdays).
  • The credit or debit card you wish to reserve your appointment with.

3)   After requesting an appointment you will want to complete your intake forms.  You will also find a link in your confirmation e-mail.