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Christian Counseling

If your searching for “Christian Counseling” then it’s important to you that your counselor share your Christian values.

Not all Christian counselors are the same though– just like not all pastors or churches are the same.

It can be hard to find counseling you can trust.

On the one hand are mental health professionals who are Christians in their personal faith, but who have no real training in the Bible other than going to church. While well meaning, these individuals often unintentionally misrepresent the teaching of Scripture, because they simply don’t have the training to apply the Truths of the Bible accurately to a situation.

On the other hand you have people who love Jesus and know their Bible, but are not trained in the complexities of psychological and emotional struggles. They too are well meaning and very helpful in many situations. There are, however, times when their experience falls short of what is needed. They end up offering simplistic and superficial suggestions for complex and challenging problems. This leaves people feeling discouraged and hopeless.

MyCounselor exists to fill the gap between secular psychology and Sunday school superficial answers to hard life challenges.

We provide easy access to Christian counseling you can trust, provided by licensed mental health professionals.

You can trust our counselors because not only do they love Jesus, but they have trained themselves in both conservative Christian theology / Biblical interpretation as well as clinical mental health best practices.

Our counselors typically have an undergraduate degree in Biblical studies and a Masters degree or higher in counseling psychology. Many are licensed ministers in addition to being licensed mental health professionals. Pair this with thousands of hours in clinical experience and you get what we believe is the best Christian counseling you can find anywhere.

Most of our clients choose use because we share their Christian values. They continue to work with us because they discover:

We genuinely care about our clients and take a personal interest in seeing them succeed.
We understand. Having helped many people just like you, we really “get it”.
We know how to help. Years of training and thousands of hours of counseling experience have taught us how to help you overcome- So you can be happy.

I can’t promise you it will all work out the way you want.

I can promise we will always be real with you. We will tell you what we believe you need to hear, whether or not it’s what you want to hear. We will help you identify why it’s not working and what needs to happen for it to improve.

We’re not miracle workers, but we do believe in miracles– Because we’ve seen them happen right in our offices.

If a person is willing to humbly work on their “stuff”, our experience is, amazing things can happen.

It may not be quick and it wont be easy, but you can overcome the challenges you’re facing and have the abundant life you were created for.

Why not take the first step towards that future now?

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Here’s to your bright future– We’re cheering for you.





Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC, CST is the founder and Director of MyCounselor.Online (formerly The Relationship Center). His training and experience include an undergraduate in Biblical Languages, Masters in Counseling, Certification in Sex Therapy, and more than 10,000 hours of therapy. Josh personally recruits and oversees the training of every single counselor at MyCounselor to ensure your experience will be excellent.