Our Heart

We love our job, because we love people. It’s our privilege to care for you through some of the toughest stuff you face in life. You matter to us. We want you to be whole and enjoy an abundant life. That’s our calling and our passion.

Life is hard at times. It’s unfair and overwhelming. We have spent thousands of hours helping people facing the same kinds of difficulties you are. We get it.

Some challenges in life are so significant, complex, and carry such consequences that they warrant consulting with highly trained helpers. We are specialists who have dedicated our professional lives to knowing how to best help people in really tough situations.

You can trust we are going to care for you, understand your situation, and know how to help. We are looking forward to serving you.
We’re looking forward to serving you,







Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC
Director of The Relationship Center


The Relationship Center is a special place. All counseling centers want to help people and most provide services from state licensed clinicians. What makes The Relationship Center special is the way we think about and approach counseling. It’s the “secret sauce” that makes TRC so effective in helping individuals, couples, and families reach their goals.

The TRC way can be summed up in 3 words:

Biblical, Clinical, and Professional.



At The Relationship Center being “Biblical” means more than that our therapists have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and attend church. This is true of all our counselors, but that’s only the beginning. For us being Biblical means that our clinicians have formal and ongoing training in Biblical studies. We take seriously understanding and interpreting the Bible in proper context and applying it accurately to the circumstances of life our clients face. All of our clinicians are either ministerially licensed or are in the process of becoming licensed. We believe ministerial licensure is an important part of recognizing the spiritual nature of the counseling ministry, as much as state licensure is an important part of the professional. Central to this philosophy is the conviction that as believers and kingdom workers we will give account to our Lord for every word of counsel given in every session we conduct. It’s accountability to this Truth that drives our commitment to being Biblical.


We believe the Bible is sufficient to provide all necessary direction for salvation and Godliness. We also believe that there is a great deal of benefit that can be gained from studying the research findings of modern mental health and employing the “best practices” (known as evidenced based practices) for treatment. We believe these two concepts, the sufficiency of Scripture and the benefits of modern psychology, are complimentary and not in conflict. All truth is God’s truth. Good scientific research will support the Biblical testimony and lead to the skillful application of its principles. For us, being “Clinical” means that we educate ourselves and employ the best evidenced based practices of the helping professions when serving our clients. It also means that all of our clinicians have completed at least a Masters degree in mental health and are licensed with the state to practice counseling.


At TRC we have incredibly high standards for ourselves that we are always pushing to improve. It’s not enough for us that our therapy services be the best possible. It is non-negotiable that the entire client experience be excellent. From the time you first visit our website or call into our center until your very last session we want your experience to be flawlessly professional. Every aspect of the way we do things is intended to make it easy and convenient to get the help you seek. We will treat you with the utmost of respect, care for you with the best practices available, and protect your privacy in every way. That’s how we do things.

Each member on our team of specialists spends about 1,000 hours a year working with cases very similar to yours. That means we’re equipped to identify the root of your struggles quickly and guide you to solutions that will bring relief as soon as possible.If you or your family could benefit from some wise, objective, outside counsel, I invite you to give us a call.

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